Sorry, we are sold out for 2024!

Highly functional design

Our boats offer plenty of space and comfortable seating. The max. width of our boats of 2.44m, means there is no special permission needed for trailering the boats on European roads.

Affordable price

We are offering an affordable range of boats and proven quality to our customers. Pontoon boats are of low maintenance and easily servicable which keeps operational cost down.

Versatile layout

Our pontoon boats are the perfect choice for families, fishing, for parties and rental businesses alike. Wide doors and a flat platform will be appreciated by people with disabilities.

Warehouse direct sale

We are distributing directly from our warehouse and without high costs for advertising and a distribution network. Tell us if you want to do the engine rigging or transport on your own.

Stock boats

Make an inquiry to see what stock boats we can currently offer you. If it’s not in stock we might be able to offer stock boats at our factory in the US that are ready for you in around five to six weeks.

Sustainable boating

As the fight against climate change is accelerating and stricter laws continue to be put in place all over Europe, pontoon boats are just the right type of boat for electric engines as well.

The Pontoon boats Europe has been waiting for

Our quality Pontoon boat range for all European countries offers luxurious seating, spacious layouts and is built for maximum pleasure. Explore your local lake or waterway in Italy or France on one of our affordable Floating Terrace Pontoon boats. Needless to say, all of our pontoon boats are CE certified and ready to be operated in all European countries. Explore the coasts of Spain, the Islands of Greece or the waterways in Germany with a Pontoon boat that can accomodate large groups. It’s no coincidence, that boat rentals in the UK, Croatia or Sweden are using Pontoon boats, as these boats are inexpensive, offer easy upkeep, low maintenance costs and a huge platform for a comfortable ride.